Cennet Bay

Perhaps the most famous bay in Bodrum, Cennet Bay is one of the favorite private sailing spots with its incredible atmosphere and clear sea. Located 20 kms away from Bodrum and just 3 kms away from Türkbükü, it is easily accessible. There is no structure in sight to interrupt your view. You can just enjoy the rich nature and swim in the beautiful blue sea of the bay, famous for its bright water. You can take a walk among the pine trees while listening to the chirping of birds, or you can go up the hills and watch the stunning view that you will not want to take your eyes off of.

Akvaryum Bay

On this journey you will start from Bitez Marina, and walk with great pleasure along the peninsula, enjoying a refreshing sea view. You will come across many small bays along the way. Take your time, and enjoy the magnificent beauty of these bays. After about an hour, you will be greeted with a breathtaking view of Akvaryum Bay, experiencing what the passengers on boats only witness from afar. You won’t get enough of the quiet environment and unique view of Akvaryum Bay. You may want to delay your return!

Karaincir Bay

Karaincir is a place we can definitely recommend for those looking for a quiet and peaceful holiday. It is the hidden paradise of Bodrum with its beautiful sea and nature. You will fall in love with its golden beach and refreshing, crystal-clear sea.


Bitez Bay, located just ahead of Gümbet, has a long beach in the shape of a half moon. Famous for its tangerine trees, Bitez’s “Bitez Mansion” is the beach mentioned in the popular Turkish folk song Çökertme. Bitez Bay, which is one of the regular stop points of the excursion boats departing from Bodrum Center, is also the most important surfing spot of Bodrum. Here, the sea is shallow enough for beginner swimmers, while after a certain point it deepens in a way that does not overshadow your swimming pleasure. After you enjoy the cold and clear sea of Bitez, we strongly recommend that you go to the fish restaurants by the beach at sunset without even removing your swimsuit!

Güvercinlik Bay

While driving on the Milas – Bodrum highway, Güvercinlik Bay greets you at the point where you meet the sea for the first time. Güvercinlik Bay is famous with its small fish restaurants along the coast, its cute cats, and, of course, wonderful scenery. Güvercinlik is surrounded by trees and has a sparkling sea, and it also attracts attention with the Salih Island located beyond its coast. If you wish to know what it’s like to swim in a sea that is “just like a lake”, Güvercinlik will be your favorite bay!

Turgut Reis

Turgut reis, one of the important residential areas and tourism centers of Bodrum, is located on the western side of the peninsula. Its view of the fourteen islets and Kos Island adds a unique flavor to Turgut reis. The most important feature of many Blue Flag beaches in Turgut reis is that they are great spots to watch a wonderful sunset. Let’s also note that Turgut reis is also one of Bodrum’s few surfing spots.


When you travel about 18 kms from Bodrum to the northwest of the peninsula, a row of windmills and then the unique view of Yalikavak welcomes you. Then you see the sunlight dancing on the deep blue sea. Yalıkavak, which hosts one of the most prestigious marinas in the Aegean, is the experience center of Bodrum with its delightful bays, vast landscape and stunning sunsets. There is a treasure that you will rediscover every time you look at Yalikavak from the sea or enjoy a calming sunset.